You Are Not My Friend…

With reference to my previous post on Orkut testimonials or maybe, the post on scrap vs emails, my non-social-network-friend, Nikhil Joshi sent me a link to the article, entitled “You Are Not My Friend” at

It is worth a read; just small snippets out here:

You message me and comment about me and write on my walls and dedicate songs to me and invite me to join groups. More than once you have taken it upon yourself to poke me…. This is hard to say to a friend, but our relationship is starting to take up too much of my time… But really, these sites aren’t about connecting and reconnecting. They’re a platform for self-branding…

Go on! please read it!


4 thoughts on “You Are Not My Friend…

  1. Lalit, I read this over the weekend in the magazine, and had to find it online rightaway and forward to friends who have accounts on Fakebook, oops… Facebook, I mean! Glad you saw it too!

  2. Thanks for pointing to the article. It reflects my sentiments. I like this statement the best “finding out if people we used to date are still good-lookin”.

  3. Hai……

    This is jerlin…. I have read your post…. its really very nice… Its about friendship….. So its very nice to read and very interesting too……

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