Orkut scraps vs email

I just dislike Orkut scraps so much. I don’t know what purpose they serve? If it is a public display of conversations, then the data is just too distributed for someone to spend the time to go and read every conversation and understand what someone is talking about.

For the creators of gmail to support this seems to beat my understanding and logic completely!

Well, I guess someone will respond and elighten me on this!

29 thoughts on “Orkut scraps vs email

  1. Writing an email seems to me like a serious business. You have to put in much thought. (I enjoy it when I have time.) While scrapping you can see the pic of the person you are scrapping to. It’s also fun to read other scraps also. You get to know how others perceive your friend. They are convenient to both I think to the scrapper and one who is scrapped (no pun intended!).

  2. Writing an email can be just as non-serious as writing a scrap at Orkut. You don’t have to think any more or less than you would to write a scrap!

    I had to look through Orkut, but the the numero uno reason to have a scrapbook is to explain about one’s own self! Now, many people write about themselves in their own scrapbook?

    I think Orkut is very poorly designed to communicate synchronously. It is designed to share information, asynchronously.

    And while it seems that the whole Orkut community is totally into it, I don’t find it convenient to the scrapper and the one who is being scrapped!!!

  3. I completely agree with you Lalit. With all the modes of chatting and email around, I don’t understand the need for displaying personal converstations. And I find the testimonials a little too filmy too.

  4. But, then people delete scraps so often.

    If knowing about people is the purpose, then the way the scraps are arranged should change. they should be accessible as conversations! Right now, you read a scrap and to understand what the context is you end up going through several more scraps of some third person!

  5. >i mean what i write in the testimonials otherwise i don’t write >any!

    Maybe you do, but do you think every single person does? Most of the testimonials look like terribly exaggerated recommendations!

    So, really, what is the purpose of the testimonials? All of them look pretty much the same!

  6. I don’t see how it saves time. If you use gmail, how different is replying to an email, as compared to scraps, in terms of saving time!

    Once again, if you read orkut’s help, scraps are designed to give information about one’s own self.. It seems that people started using it for communication!

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  8. Hi Vinod,
    I don’t understand your comment; however, if my blog serves the same purpose as orkut scraps, it does not imply that I like orkut scraps! Perhaps, I should be glad that at least all the comments are grouped together 😉

  9. Hi Lalit
    I agree with you, orkut is worst amongst all, but you know this is 2nd highest accessed wesbite in INDIA.

  10. Hi All,

    All the opinions above have some or the other valid notable points. But i would just like to add one point which nobody mentioned above.

    Though in the busy schedules…We could get in touch with people whom we lost contact with long time ago…Specially school friends…. I dont think without orkut, we would have taken time and contacted them… Its a kinf of easy way to get in touch or find friends if if lost any…..
    Specially Indians who are abroad… they cannot mail or call all their friends as its time and money consuming…. Here we should appreciate that a simple hello, how are you fills the gap.

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  12. I JUST LOVE ORKUT………………………………




    ORKUT ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I just use orkut to find my old friends & make new friends. Once they r in my friends list .. I use gmail rather than orkut to communicate. I still cant believe orkut is part of google .. as all products of google r high standard .. orkut disappoints ..

  14. Hi all… I wonder why you – Lalit and so many others are trying so hard to analyse if the concept of Orkut is rational or not. Perhaps it would seem better to discuss whether this discussion is called for or not !!
    To stay or to not stay in contact with friends through a “social networking site” as they call it, is subject to one’s own discretion. Some of u guys may prefer email (like me). Others prefer orkut. Yet others prefer chatting. Basically it is what suits your requirement.
    And as for trying to make some sense out of what is written in a friend’s scrapbook (referring to rearrangement of scraps) I guess it simply isn’t your business. Leave it to the people who are having the dialogue, rather than trying to make sense out of what two possibly sane people are discussing !
    Don’t trouble yourself with the burden of analysing the world’s follies. You have little time to care for your own…

  15. I love Orkut Scraps. You can disable it for public if you don’t like!

    Sometimes, some glittering scraps like from http://www.chirkut.in
    is also cool. Ya but if it is too big in image, it will take some space in your window. So you have to disable it.

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