This group blog is supposed to be an effort to collaboratively evolve into a collection and flow of our ideas on anything and everything that matters to us. It shall have posts by different, and at times multiple, authors!

The initial idea was to find a voice to the discussions we have in a group called m3mech: Most of us started out as students of mechanical engineering. We were in one section, called M3 (hence m3mech) in VNIT (then called Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering) in India. We are now in different fields and are interested in different aspects of professional and personal lives. Collectively we claim experience and exposure to banking, variety of software development and services, academics, entrepreneurs, manufacturing, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, K-12 Schools, just to name a few. The Internet has enabled us to remain in touch with each other for more than a decade now. The entire group, interestingly, has evolved into a discussion of ideas and thoughts. We rarely forward jokes or mass mails.

But, it is probably going to be more than just this group.. at least, that is how I envision it to be!


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