Is CWG preparation really so bad?

The logo of 2010 Commonwealth Games
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Contributed by Pradeep Mittal

It is almost 3 months now a lot is being written about India‘s unpreparedness on the 2010 Commonwealth Games (CWG) venue preparation. It makes me wonder if things are really so bad on ground or is it that too much is being demanded?

India caters to 1.1bn+ people which is 1/6th population of earth but without having access to 1/6th of resources of earth. This inequality does give rise to income disparity and purchasing power disparity which eventually gives rise to cumulative way of living.

Hospitality sector in India is one of the best but still people prefer to go out for vacation; India has all weather conditions and all types of terrain to enjoy but still tourists are few? Does it mean India is bad…I don’t think so! Today westerners come to India looking for eternal peace and Indians are going across the globe looking for materialistic gains.

CWG games would be done and eventually nobody would even remember what was done in opening ceremony or how many people had to toil to make them happen. Nonetheless corruption is cancer and it needs to be uprooted in every society of world!



A while ago, I stumbled upon Julian Crandall Hollick’s journey from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal along the river Ganga.

The 6 part audio series discusses various aspects from the nature, to human soiling to the Farakka dam’s drastic impact on the river’s course. Look for all the details at

I remember my visit to Haridwar 5 years ago and my own observation of how the river gets soiled day in and day out in the name of religion. I also remember my own observation of how the river Bagmati at Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. I did not have the guts to place my hand in that water!