Taking off from Ann Arbor…

Here is how things look just outside of Ann Arbor, as our flight took off of Ann Arbor Airport, on the way to Lansing!


Ready to take off… not really!

Neelam on a bright, sunny, cold day… The morning was all cloudy, though! We were awake since 7 am to take this flight. Finally, I think we started at 1 pm!In the background, Vijay is still checking the quality of fuel!

Eating at Diwali function

In the picture: Anti-clockwise – Neelam, Vivek, Niranjan, Lalit (myself) and Sachin, and the photographer, Ashish at the ISA Diwali dinner in 2004

It is interesting that over 4-5 years (including Diwali 2006!), every single dinner (good or bad) we have had at Michigan Union was at this very table!

Finally the Sun set

Last September, Neelam and I went to the Sunset Cruise at the Pictured Rocks near Munising (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Those 3 hours were among the best moments of my entire life – and some other people also felt the same about their trip!

This is the last picture – just before the sun finally set! I will add more pictures of the trip later!