I got a question, “What does it mean that my comment is awaiting moderation?” Well, due to the HUGE number of requests (in some cases orders) to determine caste from a certain last name, I decided to moderate the comments.

It was not just the request, but persistent follow-up after I deleted those comments.. in one case, I got a question that said something like, “why do you delete my comment? Is this something against a certain caste?”

Clearly, moderation is the more difficult way around to resolve the problem. The easier is to just delete those comments; however, by “moderation” I clearly indicate that I decide what comments are accepted on the blog. So, I will stick to this, at least for some time.


How people reach my blog

WordPress has some interesting statistics. In the last 7 days, some keywords that people (other than myself) have used to reach my blog are:

  1. yahoo music engine
  2. Roy bengali last name
  3. good marathi thoughts 😉
  4. traffic video
  5. keyboard has coffee spilt on it
  6. lalit patil [someone was actually looking for me!]
  7. mumbai blasts
  8. latitude D610 coffee

Interesting that there are two visitors who were looking for advice to manage spilt coffee on their notebooks! Looks like it is a fairly common procedure for giving a new life to the notebooks!

In the last 30 days, the most visited posts are