We request you to ignore the mail

Every month, for the past 3-4 months now, I have been receiving, in my email, a bill from Reliance Broadband, from the flagship company run by one of the richest persons in the world!

The only problem is that I am not their customer!

I did not get any response when I first asked them to correct this. When I received another bill, I responded in more detail

I am not your customer. I do not even live in India. My email address is abcd@gmail.com As per google’s policy a.bcd@gmail.com is also my address. Any number of dots but the same letters and sequence is going to keep it as my address. For more details, please look at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&ctx=mail&answer=10313#
I think your customer has inadvertently given you the wrong email address. It is best that you contact him/her and ask for a correction; it would be better for Reliance and him/her. In addition, it would also spare me of these monthly emails.

This time I got a response.. yay!!!

we request you to ignore the mail if you have not subscriber for a Reliance Broadband Connection.

WHAT??? I had never received any such email. No apologies, nothing. Just asking me to ignore the mail! And note: “have not subscribeR”!!

Today, I got a reminder that the payment is overdue! I’ve called their office at Mumbai (+91-22-3033 7777). But I reached an automated system that cannot help me unless I enter the account number. I have sent them another reminder saying…

I received another email from relianceada.com today (included with this email). I want you to remove my name from the list and contact your subscriber by phone/post and let him/her know that his bills are going to the wrong email address.
You cannot send me emails like this and expect that I just ignore them.

Does Reliance Broadband expect that I will keep ignoring such emails? Furthermore, should they not be worried that someone’s bill is going to someone else?

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7 thoughts on “We request you to ignore the mail

  1. hmmmm… lalit, makes me wonder why they haven’t sent me my bill for a while now…! (no, seriously, i’m a customer!)

      • But then, is it not that google needs to look at their mail delivery system? I get account statement from one share broker in India (I am not their client), because of this I am now alumni of IIT Kharagpur (even when I never studied there), part of one group which is setting up school in Dhanbad (I never had been there and setting up schools is not my forte)…I do only one thing “delete”.

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