Why do Jeffrey Archer’s soaps impress people?

For a long part of my life – about 10 years – Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer was my favorite novel. Then, I read several other books by Jeffrey Archer. He used to, and I believe even now does, have a strong fan following in India; I never understood how that happened.

Recently, I got hooked on to audiobooks. I have listened to books, such as The Millenium Trilogy, Freakonomics, Harry Potters, and The Book Thief. Out of nowhere, I decided to revisit Jeffrey Archer after a long time. I think the last book of his that I read was A Matter of Honour about 5 years back.

Now, I am listening to A Prisoner of Birth.

And I realize I still feel the same way about this author.

He has a unique skill in writing; I feel it is the ability of making a complicated plot very easy to follow. It was amazing how he converts a soap opera – romance, suspense, treachery, family feuds – into a mesmerizing read. You don’t feel like you need to go back and forth. you don’t need to remember anything odd that might have happened in the past. The mystery follows. The story etches itself in the mind of the reader It is almost like the current chapter gives rise to the next one and so on.


2 thoughts on “Why do Jeffrey Archer’s soaps impress people?

  1. I also like Archer way of narration and drama. Recently I read Paths of Glory but could not get same experience. It is just story telling without clear cut end in mind.

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