Live traffic feed at blogs

Unaccustomed Earth is a blog written by a youngster (by my standards!).

Recently, when I visited the blog, I noticed that the Right Hand Column shows the locations of the latest visitors of the blog. I have noticed this at some other blogs too.

While it sounds like a good idea, I find it a bit distracting or, perhaps, obtrusive. It seems like part of my identity is being showcased publicly, at least to and by the owner of the blog. If a visitor is from a  place like Delhi or New York, there could be some solace, since there are many people from these areas that visit that blog. But, I am sure there are not many visiting from “Moline, IL”.

I know that this information can be easily had from the backend of the blogging platform. But, displaying such details (location, last arrived) of each blogger feels, for some reason, odd. It is worse if someone wants to respond to a blog anonymously.


5 thoughts on “Live traffic feed at blogs

  1. hmmmm, nice thought…but ther way round it does acts as a booster for the blogger..i mean the track feed only reveals location and not identity. Plus a blog has many visitors and makes it difficult to guess who visited just from location but it definetly adds a boost !! thats what i think..

    • Yes, it surely does. That is the advantage and the reason this has been developed.

      But, from the visitor’s perspective, it is a bit weird. Say, I want to post an anonymous response to the blog now, but the owner and everyone will know immediately that it came from Moline, IL. It is unlikely that the blog, as of now, has a new visitor from Moline, IL (other than myself). And from the time stamps of both of them, the owner (and others) can very easily track where the anon response came from.

      Of course, if the owner really wants it, they can get some information by analyzing the traffic at the backend.

  2. Lapa, even your blog has the visitor map. Going by what the map shows, I am damn impressed with your fan following throughout the world. US, South America, EU, Africa, South East Asia, Aus, Pakistan and even China.

  3. hi lalit,
    i cannot say how happy i am to see you on this site,
    i have tried to find ur profile on orkut so many times,
    do u remember me,
    we were in same class upto class five,
    then i moved to vashi,
    i still remember all friend prassana, sanjay patil,nadeem,pawan rathi,
    i remember ur middle name also madhukar.

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