What is more important: the person or our religions?

I am not non-religious; I am anti-religious. I believe that the absence of religion will bring more peace and stability to the world. In any case, religion, as a means to ensure  compliance with “good” has lots its significance, with “legal” rules defining governance, in general.

I have seen several “inter-caste” couples, which is still pretty unacceptable for the majority of India. But, personally, I had not seen couples that have had inter-religious weddings.

But, recently, I got in touch with a  friend, who married someone in a different religion. That is even one step farther than “inter-caste.” It seems they did have their religious differences, which led to arguments. But, at the end, she said, “I thought, what is more important: the person or our religions?” And since then, she feels it has been fine.

But, the above approach is hard, very hard. My friend, herself said that it was very hard. I say it is hard, because, I have seen or heard of  parents breaking off relations with their child due to inter-caste, inter-religion marriages. I have also heard of parents breaking off relations just because their catholic daughter decided to marry a protestant guy! Essentially, religious differences and intolerance can sever even a parent-child relation!

So, in some way, I appreciate the approach this couple took! I foresee a future without religion, but if it is even full of people, who inherently believe that people are more important than religion, it will still be fine.

… I hope.

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Indian cricket: Middle order (?) or its absence

After the humiliating defeat of Indian cricket team by at South Africans at Nagpur, I liked this one by Mickey Arthur; specifically, the following two points, which precisely capture my (and I believe most of us feel the same) thoughts.

but if the Indian middle order represents the next generation then the current number one ranked team have problems for the future.

and then

Harbhajan, who has in my opinion been below his best for several years now, must be questioning his future. His bowling lacked the zip and sting that was so characteristic in the early years of his career. He must be honest with himself and the management and selectors must be honest too. There is no place for sentiment in Test cricket — reputation and history should count for very little when selecting your best XI

Although, I don’t think Bhajji man is questioning his future place in Indian cricket team – who else do we have? Hopefully, he has targets to improve his own self!

Suhana Safar to Bichua

Someone posted “Suhana Safar Aur Ye Mausam Haseen” as his status message at facebook.

The song is

It reminded me of Salil Chowdhury, who used to be my favorite composer for a while … in those days! Chowdhury, perhaps, never got the acclaim of Shankar-Jaikishan, SD Burman, LaxmiPyaare, RD Burman, or even Bappi Lahiri, but he carved out his own niche and none could equal him.

In those days, Jayamala was one of our favorite radio programs. We used to make sure to tune in to it and its repeat telecasts the next day (?) and again sometime in the week. It was a program dedicated to our brothers in the military (fauji bhaiyyon ke liye). A celebrity would  present his favorite songs or songs relevant to a certain topic/theme.

In one such episode, Salil Chowdhury said that he almost always composed first and then had the someone pen down the lyrics.  He said he was amazed at how Shailendra came up with the word Bichua” for his composition from Madhumati after the music was composed!

As a result, I developed immense respect for his lyricists also! Whereas Chowdhary composed some of the most amazing melodies in Hindi Film industry, he had managed to get equally amazing lyrics to go along with them!