New multiplication trick?

Just stumbled across this “new” multiplication trick that has been copyrighted. I haven’t seen the actual trick, but the article says

Clay’s method is best explained on paper. Suffice it to say you multiply the digits on the right, cross-multiply and add the digits in the center, then multiply the digits on the left. Using that formula, you can work out 33 x 44 in about three seconds.

Now, I don’t see anything new in this one, even though Mr. Clay has a copyright. This is the standard Vedic multiplication trick that we (at least I ) have learnt as kids back in India, and is essentially, the equivalent of the expansion of  (10A + B) * (10C +D).

Edit: Just found out that the Vedic multiplication is explained at and with the very same example!


3 thoughts on “New multiplication trick?

  1. LOL. Oh c’mon, cut him some slack, willya. You know how every parent thinks they discovered parenting when they have a brand new baby.

    Now all we do is wait for the sibling of this “new trick” when he advances his discovery to a smooth 44×30 + 44×3 and gets it in just 1.5 seconds 😉


    • Yes G! Or that 44 * 33 = 132 * 11, and then discover’s the 11’s trick to get it as 1–(1+3)–(3+2)–2 = 1452. In most cases, discoveries should be interpreted in the “European way.” e.g, Vasco da Gama “discovered” India or Columbus “discovered” America…

  2. you need to realize that people in the west, especially the United states, have been great innovators not inventors. just like the math example you gave, if you look around you will find so many things that have existed for centuries, apparently some one just came, wrapped in a good packing, presented it to the world and VOILA, made a fortune.
    some things that i can think of: our fore fathers for centuries have been eating a crispy bread which we generally dip it in tea. its is commonly known as “Rusk” or “Papay” for some. you still find them in indian/pakistani stores. but some genius came along, decided to add some almonds, caramel & chocolate syrup to this bread and decided to call it “Biscotti” and as a result made the millions. now whose is the loser and the winner, you figure. the same crispy bread sold at indian/pakistani stores for about $4.99 a box, the same biscotti is sold for a dollar a stick!!!
    similarly you can talk about the taurine drinks, originated from thailand and how the founder of redbull got its idea.
    some of our traditional female “Khusee” shoes are being worn by women in the west.

    you can always look back in history and talk about Tesla’s life and his contribution to the world. but when you compare him to edison, you know that even though tesla was a great scientist it was edison who was able to deliver his ideas well.

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