Daftar ko der ho gayi

This one is for all those friends of mine who did not believe in the existence of this song

11 thoughts on “Daftar ko der ho gayi

  1. Hahahah… I’ve practically told everyone I’ve met since (2002?) about that song. My rough guess is that 1 in 20 desi people knows about it… others thought I was pulling their leg.

    Btw, I’m having trouble seeing the videos… it could be just my laptop (it’s quite prehistoric and crashes every so often).

  2. Well Cafetaria, the point is that this is an old song and not so well known. To add to it, the lyrics are odd – almost nonsensical (others think so). So, when I used to hum it previously, some friends used to think that I made it up.

  3. thanks! you know how the automatic flush works in this country? you just have get up! that’s why my comment: thamb uthun baste zara!!!

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