Order of the Phoenix: Creative!!!

When Mira Nair declined the offer to direct the movie based on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by saying, “Harry Potter needs more technical creativity. I like to be creative with my cast… humans,” I thought she was mostly right. After seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (OTP), I think she is mostly wrong. In fact, her sentence now looks like an acceptance that she is, probably, not technically creative!

In converting the largest Harry Potter books to a short 2 hour movie, David Yates picked up the appropriate characters – Dolores Jane Umbridge and Luna Lovegood – to show what creativity is all about. A huge section of the crowd (BTW, it was houseful) clapped at the destruction of Umbridge, indicating how well the “pink monster” has reached to the audience – both in character development and acting!

I only wish the end was a bit slower. The on-screen death of Sirius is a bit too fast, and it does not sink in that one of the most important characters is no more, because of the immediately ensuing battle between Dumbledore and You-Know-Who.

Overall, I think this is the best Harry Potter movie, yet! It has been a good summer for sequels, but this movie might do really better than the previous ones!

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