Plagiarism of blogs

Blog plagiarism is not new. But, it is new to me!

Well, a Mr. Nikhil Mahajan has a blog at – If you look carefully at the Archives in the right column (for example, click on Movies, or Computers) at his blog, you can find entire posts copied from my own blog!!!!!!

As it turns out, several of his posts are copied from several blogs without giving any credit to any original author. This guy has not even bothered to change the hyperlinks in several cases; they point to original blogs 😦

In any case, I think that copying an entire set of posts, and providing a link to the original article (mistakenly, I guess) still classifies as plagiarism. In this age of Internet, the person can just provide an external link, or quote a small part, with due credit!

[Edit added after Rashmi’s comments]

Before writing my post, I had already asked him (by commenting on this blog) why he copies other people’s posts. Interestingly, his comments are moderated 🙂

Now, I have also notified another blogger, Sankar, whose posts on cricket have been blatantly lifted by Nikhil!

An additional note is that Mr. Nikhil’s blog has adsense ads! So, Mr. Nikhil, if you come to this blog again, I hope you realise what you should be doing about almost the entire blog!


7 thoughts on “Plagiarism of blogs

  1. Lalit,

    This is outrageous. I’m so angry. This is so so sickening. I think you should do something about it. I think you should-
    1) write to this fellow and request him to pull down all articles that he’d have picked up from other blogs. All other blogs, not just yours.
    2) if he doesn’t comply, complain to his hosting service (In this case blogspot). I’m sure they’d be able to help.


  2. Lalit,

    I googled a couple of his other posts. It seems Mr. Copycat’s entire blog is made up of posts lifted from elsewhere, with no credit to the original link. I doubt if he has even heard of something called netiquette! Sheesh!!

    I think you should write a post on your blog addressing him so that he reads it the next time he comes around fishing for posts. If he has any self respect at all, he would pull down all the posts he has lifted from other blogs.

    In the meanwhile let’s find what can be done about it.


  3. Lalit,

    See this site- and go through his article on “Stopping Internet Plagiarism” (It’s under “Navigation” section). He has some advice for you.

    I found this link from a blog that I visit once in a while- Sayesha too had come across similar case of plagiarism. If you search for “plagiarism” on her blog, you’ll find the relevant posts.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Lalit,
    Thanks for pointing out Nikil’s blog who has copied the entire posts from various blogs. I am also going to post about this in my blog and also ask Nikil on why he is doing something like this…
    Let’s see what happens…

  5. Btw, blog copying is typically done by folks seeking content for advertising revenue, but without the requisite skills to write their own content. I wouldn’t be surprised that the posts which have been copied are related to cricket !! (cricket probably generates tons of advertising revenue). There are several articles out there which talk about how folks copy content (usually through feeds), and to what extent this can be limited. Cheers.

    (PS: I’ve seen complete blogs fully replicated, blogs with tons of excellent content, news posts etc, purely for the advertising revenue that they generate. Very frustrating for the original authors, but I guess that is a part and parcel of the benefits of the online world)

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