Chandelier of crystals

Some pictures of crystals/icicles that I took around my apartment in January 2007. One of the plants was almost like a chandelier of crystals…

The first photo is a side view; the second one is taken from the bottom of the plant with the chandelier of icicles hanging from above me!

The Chandelier


3 thoughts on “Chandelier of crystals

  1. Photos are ossum (awesome)!! But…its not safe, especially at temperatures in 30s to stay “directly below” the chandalier of icicles…sar pe girte to icicle ka taaj pehante!

  2. yes, it did take me some time to get the courage to get under this one. It is very low, so I actually slept on the ground to take this picture. Then, I rushed in the apartment to get warmed-up!

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