Broad minded and socially active

My fortune at Orkut of today says: You are broad minded and socially active

To start with, can one even say that “being broad minded and socially active” is a fortune of the day?

Well, I have already spent about 2 hours of my morning searching for my pair of glasses. I still have not found them, which means, I will be unable to go out of my apartment today… That throws social activism out of the glass window

And, those who have worn glasses for as long as I have (starting from 14th Sept, 1987), would understand me very well when I say that I literally cannot think without my glasses on me.. That throws away the broad-mindedness!

Thank you, Orkut. You have a great fortune-teller.. Must be the person who designed scraps for scrapping one’s own self, because now people use it only to scrap others!

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