Pleasant Surprise!

My fortune at Orkut says, “A pleasant surprise is in store for you.”

Well, my day started very early. At 6:00 am, Neelam left for her work. Just before she left, I went out to heat my car (it is negative 5 Fahrenheit). I realized the battery was dead. So, I had to perform an early morning jump-start!
Later, after searching for 5-6 minutes, I called her at 6:06 am to ask if she knew where my wallet was (it has my driver’s license). She could not recollect.. Later, I recollected that it was in her car and she was too far away to come back to give it to me. I had removed it from my pocket before paying at a parking structure late Saturday night!

Then, at 6:35, I realized that I had started my car before 6:00 am and it was running for about 40 minutes! Not to mention that I am stuck in my apartment and had to cancel two important meetings at work.

Nothing pleasant, yet (4:28 pm)!

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