Amazing Nike Ad

This is among the very best ads I have seen come out from India. It seems shot by hand-held cameras, using “non-model” models; almost “immersive,” where you see the Nike symbol only at the very end! And yes, some great Konkani song in the background!



Just thought about writing a few interesting diagnoses that doctors were able to explore on me..

  • Emphysematous bulla: What seems like a complex name started with a simple test. I went to meet my PCP to do an annual physical test; well, my first annual test. After a few X-Rays, the doctor said I had TB, but had doubts. So, more details followed and expert views from a radiologist ended up with this term, “emphysematous bulla.” Now, I don’t smoke (at least until the next time I do) and the main cause seems to be smoking – damn all that secondary smoke that I have inhaled!

    In simple terms, emphysema is the destruction of alveolar walls and subsequent enlargement of air spaces – this also leads to thinning of the alveolar walls. When the space is more than 1 cm, it is called a bullous – hence, emphysematous bulla!

    I was told that some people carry a long needle to pierce into their chest in case of emergencies (when the bulla explodes, air fills into the visceral cavity causing the other organs to collapse under pressure). I could not imagine that someone can do that to one’s own self. Pat came the repl, “you will do it if you have to choose between life and death ;)” He also said, some people avoid jogging, going to hill-stations, etc. Now, I have done all of that in my life and never faced any problems!

  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS): This is, probably, the worst thing I have had – because I do really experience the trouble. Basically, it means that I have a very strong urge to move my legs, which I am unable to resist. An excellent website on this topic is It took several years and several different types of medications including weak sleeping pills for a year and very strong ones for 14 days, until recently when I shifted to the only clinically tested medicine called Requip, which seems to have been helpful!
  • Gilbert’s syndrome: This is just a side-effect, in that it was detected during the several tests for RLS. Essentially, it means that I have excess bilirubin in my blood (under normal circumstances) and in some cases, one might confuse it with mild jaundice!

I remember one of my friends arguing right during an exam in 1995 – “A few means 3,” when we were confused about a question that asked us to give a few examples of something. So, I guess three is enough now, since I wanted to write only about a few.

More on concatenated Bengali last names

The credit of this post goes to Mr. Rudrin Purakayastha. With his permission, I am simply editing as this post, his comments on my previous post, entitled “Concatenated Bengali names.” I have not checked the complete correctness of the views, but they seem logical…

Concatenation of surnames is not unique in Bengal, If you study in depth then you see that it is also present in other parts of our country like Thakore Desai, Dutt Chowdhury, Sinh Rathore, etc.

Bengali vaidyas started identifying themselves as off-shoots of Brahmin Father and Vaishya mother, calling themselves as either Sengupta or Sensharma (where Gupta indicates vaishya and Sharma brahmana). This practice is hardly 200-250 years old. There are vaidyas today with non-compounding surnames such as Das, Dutta, Kar, Sen, Gupta etc.

Most Bengali kayasthas have their surnames common with lower castes as Kayastha is not only an Kshatriya clan, but this also means writer in Sanskrit. This is a profession that can be taken by brahmins and other castes.That is why Purakayastha surname is also found in Bengali Brahmins.

Whenever an ancient bengali takes up the profession of kayastha he used to combine that title with his surname. Some examples:

SenMajumdar is a person with a surname Sen, but the profession of a Majumdar (similar to the Marathi word Mujumdar, which actually derives from the Pharsi majmuadaran).

GhoshMoulik: Kayastha Ghoshes are generally kulin but some of them are Moulik (not kulin) they use it to distinguish themselves.
Roy is a small jaminder and Roychowdhury is the bigger one.

Broad minded and socially active

My fortune at Orkut of today says: You are broad minded and socially active

To start with, can one even say that “being broad minded and socially active” is a fortune of the day?

Well, I have already spent about 2 hours of my morning searching for my pair of glasses. I still have not found them, which means, I will be unable to go out of my apartment today… That throws social activism out of the glass window

And, those who have worn glasses for as long as I have (starting from 14th Sept, 1987), would understand me very well when I say that I literally cannot think without my glasses on me.. That throws away the broad-mindedness!

Thank you, Orkut. You have a great fortune-teller.. Must be the person who designed scraps for scrapping one’s own self, because now people use it only to scrap others!

Pleasant Surprise!

My fortune at Orkut says, “A pleasant surprise is in store for you.”

Well, my day started very early. At 6:00 am, Neelam left for her work. Just before she left, I went out to heat my car (it is negative 5 Fahrenheit). I realized the battery was dead. So, I had to perform an early morning jump-start!
Later, after searching for 5-6 minutes, I called her at 6:06 am to ask if she knew where my wallet was (it has my driver’s license). She could not recollect.. Later, I recollected that it was in her car and she was too far away to come back to give it to me. I had removed it from my pocket before paying at a parking structure late Saturday night!

Then, at 6:35, I realized that I had started my car before 6:00 am and it was running for about 40 minutes! Not to mention that I am stuck in my apartment and had to cancel two important meetings at work.

Nothing pleasant, yet (4:28 pm)!