Double head line

I have a double head line on my palm.. According to some site on palmistry,

The great palmist Cheiro had a double Head line.  “A double Line of Head is very rarely found,” he wrote, “but when found it is a sure sign of brain power and mentality.”  Cheiro, in an interesting self-reflection, then enumerated some of the ambivalent qualities of the double Head lines: “Such people have a perfectly double nature–one side sensitive and gentle, the other confident, cold, and cruel. They have enormous versatility, great command of language, a peculiar power for playing and toying with human nature, and generally great will and determination.”



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  1. That is interesting, Shantha… Interesting, because the first time I realized that I had one was the time I realized one my best friends also has one! and they say it is rare 🙂

  2. Hi i have a double head line in my left hand…and it v strange, i have a triangle which is made my the 2nd headline with the fate line above which is one brown small spot…
    the 1st head line touches the heart line.. i wonder what this means…. anyone which finds an answr to this, is free to mail me on with the subject”HEAD LINE-palmistry”

  3. hi ams, I have exactly the same thing, my first head line faintly touches my heart line and the second head line goes all the way down to the moon mount, if you get the answer to this it would be great if you could post it here so i can read it too. thanks

    p.s about the heart line and head line touching, google “simian line” on the net and see what comes up!

  4. hi, i have a double line thing on my palm, first is long starting from, qiuet separated from life line, base of mount of jupiter. the second one very much connected to life line, and ending in mid of the hand. want to know more about double head line, because some rili weird things happens with me sometimes.hehehe.

  5. Thank you Lalit, very interesting. But advanced palm readers have also noticed double head lines in people who suffer on mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia & psychosis.

    Best wishes from The Netherlands,


    PS. This source presents the latest news about hands and hand features (such as: the simian line, fingerprints):

    Hand Analysis News

    • hey i have double head line ..
      this is my facebook contact to me …
      now i tell about my headlines
      my first head line start with life line and it ends a little more than midle of palm .
      second headline starts from tht part of the fate line which lies between first head line and the heart line and it goes to the another end where usually headline stops .

  6. Hey people.. even I 🙂 in my right hand I’ve 2 headlines..along with the normal heart and life line..
    The headlines both merge with life line at 2 points with a gap of 0.5 cm

  7. Hello, I have on both of my hands double head, heart and life lines but they are also very much twisted together.
    Can you tell me what this means, or how I can find out for myself what it means?

    Thank you,

  8. Hi, thanks for this.. I have double head lines on both of my hands and didn’t realise it was so rare.

    I confess, what Cheiro says is true in my case. LOL! But, I’ve always put it down to my instincts. I suppose double head lines giving one a “peculiar power” could be a telepathic person who can use the understanding of others thoughts to their advantage – in a good or bad way?? I always know how my friends are.. They tell me to get out of their minds all the time. 🙂

    • Dear kelzy,
      I too is interested in palmistry . I am a MBBS lady doctor.from Sri Lanka
      Since u hv got 2 double lines of head surely u must be a versatile person who can get along with any one .i think u are governed by HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY phylosophy.
      What do u say?

      • hi m faiza i also have a double headline on my right hand, one palmist told me such peolpe enjoys two emotional relationships in their lives, and they get everything in the form of two along with dual nature,

  9. I have two head lines on my right hand. Both are very long, one sweeping right across the palm and another one that dives steeply down to the bottom left of my palm, and curling off like a ski jump at the bottom. It looks like there is another one that runs faintly by life line and as it crosses life line it becomes very marked down to my wrist. All three startfrom same place on life line. The first has a fork joining it two my heart line. they are clean lines.
    Anyone know anything about this?? I don’t think I’m mad, or a genius!!

  10. Double head line is really a very rare sign . It is an indication that the person has capabilities two learn and store thoughts in two separate distinct chambers of the brain. Can learn two different subjects simultaneously.For detailed reading one must also see the shape of thumb,colour of skin,flexibility of hand.In your case the line dropping on the Mt.of moon give you tendeancy to be poetic and imaginative during Lunar period. Meditation regularly wwill give you immense and immediate results.

  11. hai namashte to all.
    i have two head line in my right is following lifeline.and second line is just above from firstline.
    second line is sharply bend to down side.
    i would like to know more details about these double headline .
    thanks to all …..

  12. @abrj – That line going down is not ur headline, its your life line (and whats next to it is the other life line) so whats so different about your hand is that you have got 2 distinct lifelines, and this DOES have a possible dual personality/dual life issue.
    Ofcourse I didnt see your palm pic, but i feel thats what you were looking for.

  13. My head line is long curved , going down to the mount of moon
    recently i can see faintly there is another headline appears. above to the usual line and parallal to it. What is the significance ? Can anyone help?

    • I have seen same on my right hand a long straight headline appearing on the upper side of my original mind line which goes on mount of moon

  14. hi, i have two head lines. One start independent near life line n it meets n mixed with fate line which also ended touching the heart line n a new fate line starts little crossing the heart line n reaches the mount of saturn.beside i have another head line , it starts from the upper mount of mars n it goes in curve touching the heart line by mixing with the fate line.

  15. hi, I have a double headline on my left hand. but both headlines are short and both headline touches the headline. please send me if any ideas found.

  16. Palmistry is utter non-sense. Percentage of correctness is not more than 40%. Even this 40% is not because of any logic, but just because of the abstractness of the answers and it can be interpreted in any way. Go and do some good work instead of wasting time here. :p

  17. Hi guys,

    I have two head lines on my right hand , lower one is short and conected to my life line going downwards. The second one is independent and and one lower one and is very long and also going down. some email me on and tell what it means, really.

  18. I too have 2 head lines. First One is very thin and light at starting and then extends dark. While second head line is short . second head line has two small lines emerging from the centre og its length.One cutting First Head line and second cutting life line.I its too complicated. But my is very easy noticable to be different. : )

  19. i too have double head lines but the thing that amazes me more is that the one which starts from the tip of my life line crosses the one that starts later and reaches a point bit lower than the other one to the end of my palm … its only in the left hand . I also have a fish on my life line .. a very clear one . I do hear about 2 head lines but not about 2 intersecting ones

  20. I have 2 headlines both forked head lines on my left, one ending under my apollo one under my pinky, one in upper luna and my last deep in my lower luna plus a forked on my right hand one ending in luna and other at my pinky again plus 2 stars on my left hand, one on my head and other on middle finger mount and one star on my right life line.

    My hands are crazy with headlines and I have 3 jobs?? Might explain my ability to multi task. Dont know the meaning though?

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