Harry Potter and detention

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone (the book), Harry and friends are caught out of their bed late at night. So, they receive detention, which is to help Hagrid, who is not supposed to use magic, find what is wrong in the forbidden forest (apparently, Unicorns are being killed!), after 11 pm at night!

I fail to understand what kind of school will give out such a deadly (or should I say deathly?) punishment. What are the responsibilities, and who is supposed to own them?

I guess, I have to read some Harry Potter sites, now!

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and detention

  1. Hey, you should definitely get into the books. They’re great.

    Well, I believe that they were let into the forest on puropose. Dumbledore probably had Firenze (the centuar)looking after him. Maybe Dumbledore was there as well.

    And Filch is an incredibly…conservative. He would be more than happpy to cut a student’s hand-off just for having muddy shoes.

    UIn the Harry Potter FDandom, this is considered a “flint”, sometjhing that just will never get explained because, it juts isn’t needed to be explained.

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