Taking off from Ann Arbor…

Here is how things look just outside of Ann Arbor, as our flight took off of Ann Arbor Airport, on the way to Lansing!

2 thoughts on “Taking off from Ann Arbor…

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  2. Hey Lalit,

    My name is Cloud. I found your blog through a search for Ann Arbor Flying Blogs. I noticed that your pilot, Vijay, is a member of Michigan Flyers.

    Im looking into joining the club. At the moment I live on Long Island in New York where Im a commercial pilot.

    My girlfriend, Vandana, is moving to Ann Arbor at the end of March. Her research lab (currently in Syracuse, NY) is moving just across from KARB.

    I plan on moving out that way within a year as well in the hopes of being based out of Detroit airport with a 135 cargo company.

    Thanks for posting the beautiful photos of the area. Im looking forward to taking some trips to the various island airports around the area.

    You’ll have to let me know about all the good indian restaurants out there. 🙂

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