Flying – Ann Arbor to Lansing

Friends, who have seen some of the photos from our flight from Ann Arbor to Lansing ask me one question, “How was it?” Well, here is what happened…

Vijay Srivatsan was the pilot, and we decided to roam around in his plane. Among several options that included Putin Bay, we decided to go to Lansing for two reasons:

  1. It was Christmas Eve and we wanted to be sure that we can at least get coffee out there
  2. The weather was a bit cloudy

Finally, we took off from Ann Arbor and I was in co-pilots seat. Neelam was in the passenger seat and obviously, Vijay was “driving.” In about 10 minutes, Vijay pointed out where Lansing was and that is the last I remember about the journey to Lansing. I fell asleep and woke up only after landing.

In Lansing, we roamed around and ate in an Indian restaurant.

On the way back, I was asleep even before we took off! It seems as we got close to Ann Arbor, Vijay was thinking of landing the plane in medical emergency, because I was not ready to wake up inspite of all attempts for about 5 minutes. Finally, Neelam took off one of my hand-gloves and it seemed to work. Probably, due to the cold, I woke up wondering why my glove was not on my hand!

After circling around and taking some aerial photos, we landed.

So, “how was it?” All in all, it was a smooth flight. The pilot deserves a lot of credit! I have never slept so well in a flight – perhaps not even in real life!


5 thoughts on “Flying – Ann Arbor to Lansing

  1. Yeah! the plan was to have coffee.. But, we ended up having lunch at about 3:00 in an Indian restaurant!

    So, we flew to Lansing from Ann Arbor and ate in an Indian restaurant, when people from Lansing drive all the way to Ann Arbor to eat food!

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