Cricket: Tendulkar, 4 centuries, 4 years

As of today, since 1 Jan 2003, Sachin Tendulkar has scored only 4 centuries and 8 fifties in 30 matches at his regular number 4 position.

During this period, he has never been dropped, i.e., his place in the eleven is always guaranteed. I wonder if there are similar instances of other players at that position scoring 4 or less centuries for such a long time!

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2 thoughts on “Cricket: Tendulkar, 4 centuries, 4 years

  1. Going through the list of highest scorers.. Border scored only 4 centuries in his last 6 years. He did hit several 50s, though, so it maybe that he was batting too low down the order. Gavaskar went through a lean phase soon after hitting 30, as did Gooch. Miandad rarely scored a more than a century in an year, and even the king Sir Viv Richards didn’t hit too many centuries after that crazy 1976.

    Of course, among the contemporary batsmen, like Lara, Dravid, Ponting and even Inzi, Tendulkar’s record looks atrociously bad, much like his batting in that last test.

  2. Sunil, I agree. However, probably, only, Gavaskar was sure of his place. Richards had a bad time, but that was too early in his career!

    We expect Tendulkar, through, an excellent previous record to keep scoring 2-4 centuries every year… So much, that at one time, we were talking of 50 test match centuries. Probably, though, it is not the lack of centuries, but the lack of even fifties (and forties) in the past 4 years that make everything look terrible!

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