Evil wish for Indian cricket

For once, I wish that Indian cricket team loses very badly in every single game in the India-South Africa series of 2006-2007. I can understand the case of Wasim Jaffer. Maybe, he will remain the substitute to Sehwag. However, losing is, perhaps, the only way Indian cricket can stop cracking jokes like playing Dinesh Karthick at number 5. It seems that suddenly, in one game, both Raina and Mongia lost the confidence of the team!

Are the Ganguly’s and Laxman’s so bad?


What expires Nov 20, 2011

Note: This post is due to Amey Karnik

I got a new ID from UM… Look at the expiry date. It is right below my photograph. Makes one wonder if it is date that “you-know-who” in the photograph is supposed to “you-know-what!”

Attending Indian Classical Music Performances

Anything that I understand about Indian classical music is attributed to my friend, Ashish Deshpande, who has always shown immense patience in understanding and explaining every doubt/query/criticism.

A couple of weeks back, I attended Swaraanjali hosted by Indian Classical Music and Dance (ICMD) Group at the University of Michigan. Overall, it was a very nice program. However, I felt it lacked something. t is not about the quality of the players – they were really good.

I think the flaw in the program was in not making the listeners identify themselves with what is happening on the stage, or making them feel involved. As long as classical music is not explained in the language of the layman, it will remain the prerogative of those who have the talent to play it. It will remain an activity that should be performed and appreciated.

Just imagine, by translating the Gita to Dnyaneshwari, Dnyaneshwar brought an item that was perceived as complex to the common man! I am not saying that ICMD should have such goals, which would require Herculean efforts, but can they not have small items that can help explain to the audience? Not even once as a small part of an entire evening?

Every time, the common audience claps when the player plays the tabla/mridangam for a long time; or when the singer sings a long note in a single breath. Is that all there is to classical music? Is it not a narrow (and possibly, incorrect) view of Indian classical music? What is the difference between MS Subbalaxmi singing “something” and Asha Bhonsle singing Raat Akeli Hai? Why should I then ever take the effort of listening to the former?

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Casino Royale

I saw “Casino Royale,” the new James Bond movie, yesterday. A couple of points that define how much I like this movie are:

  • Daniel Craig is perhaps, the best Bond yet!
  • Title sequence is very different from any other Bond movie, yet!
  • This is the best, or most exciting Bond movie that I have seen since “On her Majesty’s Secret Service!”

And if anyone does not agree with my views, “Do I look like I give a damn?”

Orkut scraps vs email

I just dislike Orkut scraps so much. I don’t know what purpose they serve? If it is a public display of conversations, then the data is just too distributed for someone to spend the time to go and read every conversation and understand what someone is talking about.

For the creators of gmail to support this seems to beat my understanding and logic completely!

Well, I guess someone will respond and elighten me on this!