What I noticed about Germany

A couple of weeks back, I went to Berlin. A few things that I noticed about the day-to-day life in Berlin are:

  • Carbonated Water: Germans drink “only” carbonated water. It is only recently that they have started drinking regular water. I don’t know why this has become so common, especially when the quality of tap water is very good. It seems 25% households in Germany have a table-top carbonating machine!
  • Hands on a table: During dinner, place the hands on the table, but not the elbows.
  • No ice: Unlike the Americans, Germans do not use ice in most of their drinks – water, cold drinks, etc.
  • No water in restaurants: You do not get complimentary water in any restaurant.
  • Beer during lunch: Drinking beer during lunch is very common.
  • Cold breakfast: Germans do not seem to eat warm/hot food for breakfast.
  • No bacon for breakfast: I never saw bacon being available for breakfast.
  • Shaking hands: Shaking hands appropriately (look into the eye of the other person) is the only customary introduction.
  • Language: Every single letter in a German word has a specific pronunciation and must be pronounced.

One thought on “What I noticed about Germany

  1. Lalit, its really cool to compile such observations of a particular country or community, as it provides insight into the differences and similarities across the board. For those who might not have a chance to experience it for themselves, atleast such accounts are so informative and entertaining! Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. Nice job with the new blog template and colors too!

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