Why do we sleep less than required?

As I woke up this morning after sleeping for 9 hours, I realized that I could not remember the last time I slept for more than 8 hours. Why is it that most of us end up sleeping less than we should be?

Human attitude: We tend to neglect the importance of sleep very much and have so many myths about it. A 5-hour sleep might be enough for a 50-60 year old person, but definitely not for a 25-year old college going student! We think that young people don’t need to sleep much and the elders need to sleep longer. If we have the time, we would rather watch TV or drink some coffee than sleep or rest! Let us not even get into bad lifestyles that automatically lead to insomnia and other such conditions.

System and Society: Our education and work system is also to be blamed. As undergraduates (especially in the US), the work-load [of work and life] is just too much. Early morning classes, late evening classes, weekly homeworks, several courses to do, extra-curricular activities to participate in – all of these keep you awake at an age when you should probably be sleeping well to maintain your health.

Competition: The desire to do better than the others might also be a reason for this mad-rush. We might be unconsciously thinking that working extra is the only way we can beat the other person.. So, we say that we work extra. I don’t know if we are really being productive.

However, that I do not remember the last time I slept for more than 8 hours does not really imply that my work pressure is too much. I strongly feel that if we are not balancing professional and personal life and health, we are doing it wrong. Am I [this writer] doing it the right way? Well, I am trying to [starting with not drinking too much coffee]. Also, please follow what I say, not what I do šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Why do we sleep less than required?

  1. Lack of sleep is linked to obesity. The less you sleep then the fatter you tend to be. Adult obesity has also been linked to less than required amount of sleep in childhood.

  2. I think that sleeping less is also considered “cool”! Nightouting through junior/senior college and through professional life, people always talk about nightouts with a tinge of pride. No one, absolutely _no one_ talks about a night spent completing assignments, studying for exam, meeting deadlines, watching TV or browsing the net, with regret. People pride in how late they leave office!! šŸ™‚

    I’m sure I was always considered a very boring person for believing in rising early and going to sleep early šŸ™‚ I rarely meet people who’d say with pride- “No late nights for me, I’m a day person”.

    If you are not staying up late, you don’t have a life!! šŸ™‚ (irrespective of what you are doing with your days).

  3. If I sleep more than 6 hours, I sleep the whole day. My body does not need more than 6 hours of sleep. There are times when I am early and I don’t know what to do now ‘coz everyone else is sleeping. I do everything but go back to sleep ‘coz my whole day will be ruined!!!

  4. Yes, some people sleep less naturally. I don’t have a problem with them. I have a problem with myself since I need more sleep and I sleep less.. Then I end up dozing throughout the day!!!

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