Boldness – Rang De Basanti? Yuva? Swades?

As RDB gets nominated for the Oscar, I am left to think – is this the best of Indian movie making?

For some reason or another, I just dislike Rang De Basanti. As a movie which says, “It is time to make a decision and accept the consequences,” it is great! But, this movie is for the intelligent only. Most of us tend to believe that the movie is about “doing something” and so it is “bold.”

The movie turns from good to bad as soon the protagonists decide to kill the home minister. It frequently is said that this part of the movie is not important. I might agree, but it is exactly why I dislike the movie. It is such a wasted opportunity in what is otherwise a good movie.

If “doing something” is the essence of the movie, I think Yuva or Swades are significantly bolder. Both of these movies show that you need to get into the system to solve the problems. It is bolder if you can change the system – one or two people who are killed are not the makers of the system.

Is RDB one of the best Bollywood movies? Does not even get close …

4 thoughts on “Boldness – Rang De Basanti? Yuva? Swades?

  1. Thanks for keeping me up to speed on Oscar nominations, Lalit. I really can’t comment on the movie itself since I don’t think I saw it, but speaking of movies that are thought-provoking I thought that Hazaaron Qwaishen Aisi would fit the bill in terms of the criteria you describe. Your thoughts?

  2. i think RANG DE BASANTI is a wonderful film made by someone who made a disaster named AKS; I guess shooting the minister was a wonderful scene and of course we need to keep in mind that the director has only 3 hours to say the story and here he has narrated two stories;

  3. Narrative style of RDB is very unique as it says two stories simultaneousely with same kind of effect. I think this is one of the best movies of this decade. Swades and Yuva were also very good. But if you compare it to Do bhiga zameen or Apu trilogy, will they look as good? I think every movie has got its own story to tell. RDB was one such movie.

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