I saw Krissh today! It is just a different class of movie if one were to compare it with Omkara… But, it is indeed in a class of its own!

Krissh is an amazing flawed movie; yet it is definitely watchable. It is not for the first time that you see a superhero in an Indian movie, but it is definitely the first time that it has been presented so well, and with really good special effects (most of the time).

What stands out in this movie is Hrithik Roshan, as he does in almost all his movies. He just fits in this role and makes everything believable.

Other things that stand out is the background music copied from one of my real favorites – The Pirates of the Carribean!

I would have loved to not have any songs though! Whatever happened to the Rajesh Roshan of the old …

For anyone reading this blog, a sentence of advice – I like Hrithik Roshan very much. He is the Madhuri Dixit of the male actors. He can act very well, he fits his roles very well and he can dance amazingly well – the female dancers pale in comparison.

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One thought on “Krissh

  1. I waited for more than a year to watch this movie but, Krishsh turned out to be one of the worst movie of this year. A technically sound crew cant always give a good movie, you need a tight script aswell. I am very sad to say that most of the scenes are taken from the hollywood flick Paycheck (the scenes villains lab). Except Hrithik and the well choreographed action sequences there is nothing much to watch.

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