O: Othello; O: Omkara

After a long time, I saw a very good film, Omkara. With Rashmi’s review, I knew this was a good movie, so my expectations were very high! Omkara did not let me down!!!

What makes Omkara a good film is the fantastic adapation of a play that is more than 400 years old! The greatness in Othello (I don’t even remember when I read it last!) is using a single background story to develop the characters and to weave their personalities and lives into each other very smoothly to form a single story!

Omkara could have easily failed. The characters are already etched, their lives, activities and the final tragedy is known!

Vishal Bharadwaj remains faithful to Shakespeare! But he needs a background story to depict these kinds of characters. He creates one in the rural plains of north India – a great background story, and more importantly, a fascinating presentation. It is very easy to go wrong in an adapatation, but this time, Vishal Bharadwaj (just as in Maqbool) does a great job.

Omkara chooses to remain faithful to Othello; He kisses his wife just as Othello did before murdering her!

The movie is not flawless, but why worry when the goods are good enough!

The performances of all the actors is really good, but the acting and the facial expressions of Saif Ali Khan made me wonder – should this movie be called “Langda Tyagi?”

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3 thoughts on “O: Othello; O: Omkara

  1. Talking about adaptation and staying faithful to the adaptation, the names of all the characters have their first character common with the names of original characters!


  2. Not everyone, but a few, yes and I wonder why he skipped those that are not!

    Othello = Omkara
    Dolly = Desdemona
    Langda = Iago
    Kesu = Cassio
    Billo = Bianca
    Indu = Emilia
    Raju = Roderigo
    Montano = Bhaisahab

  3. This is one of the best movies of the year. Vishal Bharadwaj always comes out with good movies. After adapting Macbeth (Maqbool) and Othelo (Omkara) his third installment of Julius Ceaser is much awaited.

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