Upper Tahquamenon Falls

The Upper Tahquamenon Falls on the Tahquamnon River are the main Falls (as compared to the lower falls). These are one of the largest falls "east of Mississippii." They are 4 miles upstream from the lower Tahquamenon falls and are a treat to the eye! The Tahquamenon Falls State Park is a great place to hike as well (We did not stay that long!)

There are two view points:

  1. One that gives a complete frontal view requires a 116 steps walk down to the gorge.
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls - Long Distance
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls Long distance Zoomed In
  2. The second view is pretty close to the falls – and still requires 96 steps to go down. By the time people take the two flights, they, especially, the ones who carry car seats and their children down and up, are in need of bottled water.
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls

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