Coordinated Universal time

Responding to Navneet’s question, “what time zone is wordpress on?” Well, looks like WordPress is on something called UTC – Coordinated Universal Time! Wikipedia says:

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is a high-precision atomic time standard. UTC has uniform seconds defined by International Atomic Time (TAI), with leap seconds announced at irregular intervals to compensate for the earth’s slowing rotation, and other discrepancies. The leap seconds allow UTC to closely track Universal Time (UT), which is a time standard based on the earth’s angular rotation, rather than a uniform passage of seconds. Time zones around the world are expressed as positive or negative offsets from UTC. In this role, UTC is also referred to as Zulu time (Z).

As a kid, I always thought that Greenwich Mean Time decided the offsets. Now, I understand that Greenwich Mean Time itself is derived from UTC (offset zero!). The difference is subtle, but there is indeed one.

Coming back to wordpress, maybe there is a way in wordpress to change the time zone. But, I could not find one, and so I believe that this is wordpress’ way of trying to be global and saying, “Use the Zulu time, reach the roots – we all come “out” of Africa.”:)

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I saw Krissh today! It is just a different class of movie if one were to compare it with Omkara… But, it is indeed in a class of its own!

Krissh is an amazing flawed movie; yet it is definitely watchable. It is not for the first time that you see a superhero in an Indian movie, but it is definitely the first time that it has been presented so well, and with really good special effects (most of the time).

What stands out in this movie is Hrithik Roshan, as he does in almost all his movies. He just fits in this role and makes everything believable.

Other things that stand out is the background music copied from one of my real favorites – The Pirates of the Carribean!

I would have loved to not have any songs though! Whatever happened to the Rajesh Roshan of the old …

For anyone reading this blog, a sentence of advice – I like Hrithik Roshan very much. He is the Madhuri Dixit of the male actors. He can act very well, he fits his roles very well and he can dance amazingly well – the female dancers pale in comparison.

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O: Othello; O: Omkara

After a long time, I saw a very good film, Omkara. With Rashmi’s review, I knew this was a good movie, so my expectations were very high! Omkara did not let me down!!!

What makes Omkara a good film is the fantastic adapation of a play that is more than 400 years old! The greatness in Othello (I don’t even remember when I read it last!) is using a single background story to develop the characters and to weave their personalities and lives into each other very smoothly to form a single story!

Omkara could have easily failed. The characters are already etched, their lives, activities and the final tragedy is known!

Vishal Bharadwaj remains faithful to Shakespeare! But he needs a background story to depict these kinds of characters. He creates one in the rural plains of north India – a great background story, and more importantly, a fascinating presentation. It is very easy to go wrong in an adapatation, but this time, Vishal Bharadwaj (just as in Maqbool) does a great job.

Omkara chooses to remain faithful to Othello; He kisses his wife just as Othello did before murdering her!

The movie is not flawless, but why worry when the goods are good enough!

The performances of all the actors is really good, but the acting and the facial expressions of Saif Ali Khan made me wonder – should this movie be called “Langda Tyagi?”

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Upper Tahquamenon Falls

The Upper Tahquamenon Falls on the Tahquamnon River are the main Falls (as compared to the lower falls). These are one of the largest falls "east of Mississippii." They are 4 miles upstream from the lower Tahquamenon falls and are a treat to the eye! The Tahquamenon Falls State Park is a great place to hike as well (We did not stay that long!)

There are two view points:

  1. One that gives a complete frontal view requires a 116 steps walk down to the gorge.
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls - Long Distance
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls Long distance Zoomed In
  2. The second view is pretty close to the falls – and still requires 96 steps to go down. By the time people take the two flights, they, especially, the ones who carry car seats and their children down and up, are in need of bottled water.
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls
    Upper Tahquamenon Falls

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The Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Last weekend, we visited a few sites in the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan. Here are some pictures of the Lower Tahquamenon Falls. There are about 5 lower falls

  1. South Lower Tahquamenon Falls: We just saw them from a distance. One can actually go very close to them. South Lower Tahquamenon Falls
  2. North Lower Tahquamenon Falls: We saw these in more details. Here is a long distance view. You can rent a boat from just where I took this photo. Then take the boat across the river. On the left are the southern falls and on the right are the northern falls. You can walk right into the falls. We decided to walk around the river to reach the northern set of falls. Side view of Lower Tahquamenon Falls
  3. Front View of North Lower Tahquamenon Falls: Front view of Lower Tahquamenon Falls
  4. Another Front View of North Lower Tahquamenon Falls: Another Front view of Lower Tahquamenon Falls
  5. Close-up of North Lower Tahquamenon Falls: A plague indicates that the most asked question is about the color of the water. It says that the amber color of the water is caused by tannin from the pine trees in the swamps drained by the river. The water is so soft that it leads to a large amount of foam at the bottom of the fall. Close-up of Lower Tahquamenon Falls
  6. Side View of North Lower Tahquamenon Falls: North Lower Tahquamenon Falls