Welcome news for the airport at Nagpur

It has been long since I heard anything really exciting and good news from Nagpur – news that could make me feel, “Ah! Finally, someone realizes the importance of Nagpur and the vast potential that it has.” This morning, I woke up with an email from my friend, Vishwajeet and it has a news-link with the following title:

Rs 2000 cr facelift for Nagpur Airport

Here is an excerpt:

Nagpur Airport, spread over 1,200 hectares, will be an international hub with ultimate space for parking 50 aircraft in the terminal and 50 aircraft remote.

Meanwhile, Chennai-based SICAL Logistics will set up a rail-road terminus at an estimated cost of Rs 200 crore to link the airport with other places. MADC will also construct a special sorting centre and bonded customs area for cargo terminal, enabling airlines to redistribute cargo freight. Indian Airlines has decided to opt Nagpur as hub airport.

For those of us, who have been to the Nagpur airport, this is a welcome news at many fronts. Most importantly, such activities promote the growth of the city, in general. Already, the presence of companies such as Persistent Systems has given the city an uplift. This is not to say that there is little development.

I have witnessed a complete turn-around in Nagpur, in terms of infrastructure and other facilities, without destroying the amazing amount of greenery that it has. However, activities such as above lead to significant industrial growth, job creation and better economy!

Long way to go…


25 thoughts on “Welcome news for the airport at Nagpur

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    • sir,
      it fells good to here n also to see that future of Nagpur is bright but after seeing the political drama that has taken place in our state in last few year n by looking at the speed and sincerity of work i dont think that our dream project is going to complete on time what common man is hoping. i think that it will be going to take long time and by the time project complet it may become out dated. Im say it because i can not see any seriousness among govt. for this project. as govt must understand that it will be new face of maharastra not only vidharb. and this small thinking of some people is going to harm all citizen of our country. here i dont want 2 mention examples of other country as i dont want to arggue an if u do not agree wit me thne u sit alone for while an think 4 while that really the work of projet is going at proper speed. wont u think it could be far more better.
      pls. reply
      thank u.

      Parag khanorkar

      • Mr. Khanorkar,

        Unfortunately, I am not in Nagpur. So, I cannot really agree or disagree with your views. But, yes, it is important to follow up on an initial vision; otherwise, it just remains a dream. By the time it is fulfilled it is not cutting edge and there are newer things…

        Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Yes finally things moving for Nagpur. But the resistence for IT companies moving to nagpur is lack of manpower. But I am sure if we can bring folks in IT who have their roots in Nagpur on one forum, sizeable population would want to work there. So hope all Nagpur lovers get a forum to express their views.

  3. This is really a nice blog about Nagpur and all we Vidhrabha folks should feel proud about Nagpur and it’s grown infrastructure. I think Nagpur infrastructure is excellent than any other Metro City In India. Kudo’s to Nagpur.

    I live in Bangalore for bread & Butter. I have heard that many
    Indian & MNC IT Companies are planning to set up their development centers in Nagpur. I hope in next 5 years from now we can see some IT Parks coming up.

    Also there was a news that Singapore based ASCENDAS is planning to set up a big IT park which can accomodate at least
    5000 people.

    I wish in future all experienced IT people should come back to Nagpur and work in our native for bread & Butter and enjoy
    better life than crap Bangalore or dollar minded USA.


  4. Dear Lalit,

    i have read the nagpur news from your blog and its very very interesting.i live in jaripatka,but now i am in hungary.

    with lots of wishes

    ashwin jangam

  5. The dream is finally coming true ! MIHAN is a boon that Vidharbha has received. It seems that our Nagpur is all set to leave a mark on the worlds map by contributing in all major industries, including the IT and aviation industry. Its a great news for people like us who are away from the orange city for earning the livelyhood. I am sure that once this IT companies starts their operations there would be a lot of job oppurtunities and people like me can come back to this beautifull city. It is heard that Big companies like satyam , wipro , infosys , HCl and many other companies are keen to set up their development centers at nagpur……kudos ! Nagpur ! Nagpur Rocks !

  6. Dear Lalit,
    Thanks for creating News for the Nagpur,Its very good for the people to know abou the Nagpur.I am the regular reader of your Nagpur news block.You have describe very good about the NagpurHow it will become the metro city.And in future it will become like Shenghai.I can I m imagine about it,

    once again thanks for the report of Nagpur

    Ashwin Jangam


  7. I think it will be good if IT companies do not go to Nagpur. City becomes over priced once IT companies enter the city making life difficuilt for middle class people. Today Nagpur is a very good city for middle class people. It should not become Pune or Banglore. We IT professionals can leave in Pune, Banglore,Hydrabad, Mumbai and let our relatives leave happily in Nagpur.

  8. Dear all,

    Nice to see news from Nagpur and Vidharbha It is really good to see Nagpur become international city now, Qatar start their service from Doha to Nagpur and we people (UK and USA) got very good opportunity to Fly directly Nagpur from UK or USA via Doha and avoiding Nightmare in Mumbai and saving lot of time on journey. From Last 10 year I’m travelling to Nagpur Via Mumbai but all the time it was very hectic experience I got.
    But the problem with Qatar airways is only fly twice a w/k that means 90% public from central India cannot catch that flight because of date restriction and if you check the fare for any date and compare with Hyderabad, Ahmedabad or any other city then you will understand QATAR is charging Nagpurian more than £100 to £150. Even though the flight for Nagpur is more than 80%full, we are trying to put pressure from UK and USA to other airways like Etihad Airways, Emirates Air to start service to Nagpur, As we know that Nagpur and central India have that much potential if these airways start their service to Nagpur, We need all your support to suggest these airways to start services to Nagpur , if all we suggest these airways by any way either writing or mailing to them to start services to Nagpur then definably they have to think as from public interest and these airways will start services to Nagpur and you know once some of them start then rest of them start aswell as end of the day they have to do business aswell. But initially we need to write these airways to start services to Nagpur.
    Guys we need your support please and please let us know if there are any more airways starting for Nagpur.

    Thank you,
    Sagar Gulhane

  9. Yes Sagar you are right,

    We have to put pressure on these airways to start services to Nagpur, As hydrabadian did 5 years before same thing. when I was working with Hydrabad 5 years before there was hardly any international services but now look at Hydrabad that’s only becuase of public pressure many airways start Hydrabad destination and now many new airways wanted to start services to hydrabad, we should do for NAgpur also and All we know Central India have very good potential then why to fly from any other metro.

    All we now tyring to suggest as many as airways to start NAgpur on their Map by emailing them and hopefully we can generate enough pressure.


  10. Hi All,

    It is really great news that so many companies are coming to Nagpur. When so many MNCs are coming to Nagpur, there will be lot of job opportunities and career scope for students from Vidharbha.

    I am from Amravati and working in USA.


    Anil Rithe

  11. Dear Sir,

    I want to know about the recruitment policies of MIHAN Nagpur and how to apply for the same.

    thanking u

    Rakshapal R. Patil

  12. there are beautiful 5star hotel coming in nagpur city near to the airport & it will come very soon very beautiful country

  13. Hi All,

    I am from Nagpur (born and brought up) and stay in London with my family since last 1 year.

    I would like to know if any of you marathi people are in London and would love to keep connected with you.



  14. Hi all of you!
    its very well apportunity for all of us, I am very much kin to know about MIHAN recruitment & Its policies , also excited to work with MIHAN project!

    Ganesh Panzade

  15. Hi lalit
    Nagpur , the great city of India , IT wiil be good for people from vidharbha to grow with this. I proud of my Nagpur . and ultimately my India.

  16. It is indeed a great news that IT companies are coming to Nagpur. Any city changes its face with the emergence of IT companies. Good technology, better lifestyle and great job opportunities for the needful people.. that is really a big thing for the people of Nagpur..

  17. Dear Lalit,
    This is great & wonder opportunity that MIHAN is started in Nagpur. But please give inforrmation about jobs in MIHAN & IT park for MBA students.
    Also I heared that Nagpur will become a Singapore in India.

  18. Hi lalit sir
    Nagpur , the great city of India , IT wiil be good for people from vidharbha to grow with this. I proud of my Nagpur . and ultimately my India.
    I currently job for shriram transport finance co ltd in documentation deppt. nagpur
    any requirement for mihan project madc pls reply me


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