Boeing lands in Nagpur

Following up on on Nagpur becoming the country’s international cargo hub Boeing has named Nagpur as the site of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Facility in India.

Here is some part of the news:

We believe that Nagpur will be an excellent location for the Boeing MRO facility because of the tremendous investment being made in the area by both government and private companies,” said Dinesh Keskar, vice president of Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “Boeing is committed to helping strengthen India’s air transport infrastructure by investing up to $100 million in this MRO facility.

Boeing agreed to establish an MRO facility and provide training as part of a 68-airplane order placed by Air India in December 2005.

The Nagpur facility will provide a convenient, centralized location for India-based airlines to schedule routine maintenance and overhaul work, and to have repairs completed.

As in a previous case, this news was sent to me by my friend, Vishwajeet!


3 thoughts on “Boeing lands in Nagpur

  1. Aeroplanes desine to operate from various condition, offcourse with limitation, generaly it is better if complete paint removed,primer coat,paint inside hanger where controle humedity,temperature,also dust.In india no airconditiond hanger. maharaja under goes all it’s work in mubai include repaints after paint stripper use , Dont forget atmospher is humid,salty,dangerous gas from industries which is corrossive for all metal…………IF THE HANGER IS AIRCONDITINED ONE GOOD FOR AEROPLANE AND MAINTENANCE TEAM.,WHO WORK BEHIND FOR MAYBE FOR SCHDULED MAINT.,MODIFICATION……….OR ANY OTHER TASK.

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