Moving back… from Outlook to Thunderbird

Finally, as expected, I had to move away from Outlook. I don’t have an Exchange account anymore and Outlook is pretty useless without an Exchange account! So I moved back to my old favorite, Mozilla Thunderbird again. This time, I decided to:

  • Use the nightly build, and to my surprise, it seems that Thunderbird is moving from 1.5 to 3.0! Will there be a 2.0 release (there are nightly builds for 2.0!)?
  • Use Lightning,  instead of Sunbird for my calendar!

Noticeable improvements:

  1. Tags Finally, there is an email client that allows me to create any number of text tags (as in gmail!). Just makes life so much  easier and structured! I wonder how the tags will be stored across different IMAP clients. As of now, I cannot see my tags through the web interface. I can even tag RSS feed (although, I will keep using Flock as my RSS reader!)
  2. Virus checking Every email can be checked by the anti-virus software before it loads up on my computer!
  3. Lightning makes the calendar an integrated part of Thunderbird. With the available Webdav and Caldav support, and especially, with extensions such as SyncKolab, which stores the calendar on the IMAP server, Thunderbird can  potentially compete with Outlook!

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4 thoughts on “Moving back… from Outlook to Thunderbird

  1. Also try Nostaly and External Editor extensions for thunderbird. You can move/copy mails to any folder with simple key strokes. And I was finally able to use gvim for editing mails !

    Which release of thunderbird supports tags ?

  2. Oh! I will definitely try these extensions. One great advantage of Thunderbird’s philosophy is that nothing seems impossible!

    Version 3.0 has tags. Look for “nightly builds of Thunderbird.”

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