Urban Legends at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

When I joined the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, I was confronted with a few legends (none of them are dreadful like the Halloween Massacre ones)..

  1. There is a University of Michigan flag on the moon.In 2006, this was debunked in an article by the Michigan daily.
  2. Classes can never be officially canceled in inclement weather, because some law school student sued the University asking for a refund of his tuition. This was obviously untrue… at least it seems so!
  3. You will never graduate if you walk on the M symbol anywhere on campus. Interestingly, I have heard of this only once in my life – my very first day in the US. I was immediately informed as walked on the M. Since then, I religiously avoided walking on any M anywhere on campus 🙂 It took me 6 years to believe that it was untrue after I graduated last year…

On second thoughts, maybe there is some truth in the last one – I am still at the University!

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2 thoughts on “Urban Legends at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  1. I have heard different variations of the “walk on the M” story- the most common being, stepping on the M on the central campus diag will lead to failing the first blue book exam. My first blue book exam after mistakingly stepping on the M was my PhD qualifying exam, which I did pass. Ever since, I have walked on many Ms all around campus. Based on your logic, looks like I am destined to spend the rest of my life on campus!

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