Old times…

Two CAM Lab moments (summer of 1999):

AA : abey hum log sab saath US jayenge
LaPa : Hann sab log Bambai se jaayenge
Deb : aur kahin convenient international airport thode hi hai..
AA : (in disgust) abey.. banaras mein international airport ban raha hai…
Others : KYA ????
AA : haan, abhi lucknow tak pahunch gaya hai!

Deb : AA, tujhe swimming aati hai?
AA : haan bhai aati hai…
Deb (surprised): kya!!! abey sach bol raha hai kya?
AA (in ttottaall anger): kyun? nahin aa sakti kya? Banaras main Gangaji ke pass rahta hun
LaPa : BTW, Gangaji aur swimming ka kya relation hai…

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One thought on “Old times…

  1. Very apropos given this time of year when many such conversations are happening all over again as another group of starry-eyed youngsters prepare to make their entry into academia in the States and earn the title FOB! Thanks for refreshing our memories!

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