What is the price of a once in a life-time of recognition?

It is impossible to know what people must be going through to end up selling stuff that is a heritage and represents the greatness achieved in the family.

Sohrab Modi's award for sale I just happened to read [and get the image in this post] at Times of India that “Sohrab Modi’s glory is on sale!” While Sohrab Modi’s Dadasaheb Award medal is now up for grabs and would fetch the owner a few hundred thousands of rupees, it is surprising that his son would sell it initially for just 30,000 rupees (800 US Dollars!).Should it fetch just a few thousands of rupees? Should it ever be up for grabs at all?Would someone sell an Oscar?

The Dadasaheb award is much more than the Oscar. It is a lifetime achievement award given by the Government of India for contribution to the film industry. It is like the Nobel prize in Indian cinema.

My first memory of Sohrab Modi was the amazing voice of Sangram Singh from the movie Pukar countered by another great, Chandramohan. The movie also starred Naseem Banu.

The only other movie that I remember with Sohrab Modi is Jailor, which also has some fascinating music! There is no doubt that Sohrab Modi has contributed significantly to movies by making outright bold social movies right in the 30s and 40s (I still think that most movie-makers of that time were bolder and had a stronger social agenda than those of today – Chandramohan acted in one such movie, Amrit Manthan)

The media will keep talking about the price that this medal will finally fetch. I hope someone finds out why it is being sold at all and what can be done in the future! We already have had cases where hockey captains have sold their olympic gold medals to earn their living!

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