Different renderings of Nikhil’s website in IE, Mozilla and Opera

This is how Nikhil Joshi‘s homepage renders in Internet Explorer 7, beta 3 (looks same in IE6):

Nikhil Joshi's website in Internet Explorer IE7

This is how it renders in Flock (looks same in Firefox and in Netscape which supports both Trident and Gecko engines):

Nikhil's website in Flock

This is how it looks in Opera 9:

Nikhil's website in Opera

All three of them are different! Assuming that Opera 9 is the correct version, IE7 has a different width for the left menu and adds in a right scroll-bar – an inactive one, while Flock/Firefox/Netscape moves the left menu down! Since there is no upper border, I am sure, Nikhil intended it to flush with the top.

On another note, I wonder why he has an “RTF” version of his documents.

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