More English: From India to the US

Following up on my previous post, The English language: From India to US, here are a few more of the "what in American English means what in Indian English"

  1. Okra means Lady’s finger
  2. Three times is almost always referred to as Thrice
  3. Bi-weekly : Once every two weeks in the US, but twice a week in India. Indians prefer to use "fortnightly" to mean once every two weeks. Interestingly, both are correct uses of English.
  4. Aluminum means Aluminium – Interesting history explained at Wikipedia It says:

    The United States adopted the -ium for most of the 19th century with aluminium appearing in Webster’s Dictionary of 1828. However, in 1892 Charles Martin Hall used the -um spelling in an advertising handbill for his new efficient electrolytic method for the production of aluminium, despite using the -ium spelling in all of his patents filed between 1886 and 1903. It has consequently been suggested that the spelling on the flier was a simple spelling mistake rather than a deliberate choice to use the -um spelling. Hall’s domination of production of the metal ensured that the spelling aluminum became the standard in North America, even though the Webster Unabridged Dictionary of 1913 continued to use the -ium version.

  5. to bring forward to an earlier time, antonym for "postpone" is prepone – definitely an Indian invention.

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2 thoughts on “More English: From India to the US

  1. Very interesting. My old American granny who was born in 1907 always used to say Alumin-i-um. We just thought it was just her quirk, or perhaps because she was educated only until the 8th grade.

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