Blogspot/Typepad ban in India!

Recently, almost all ISPs in India have banned access to and and

It seems this is because some terrorist groups have started using these
domains for communication. Some ISPs have said geocities is banned for
phishing. More details at:

  1. Blogger blocked? at Kanak’s Little-notes
  2. Soon, you may not be able to see Blogspot blogs at Amit Varma’s India Uncut
  3. Blogspot Blogs Banned in India: Read Tricks To Access Blocked Websites at Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration
  4. Rediff’s Are Internet Service Providers blocking blogs?

Is this the right way to do any kind of censorship in the largest democracy? It seems only a few sites were supposed to be blocked, but the ISPs have just blocked the entire domains! Clearly, every involved party will now play the blame game and point fingers, while the sufferers have no idea of what is going on!!

As is expected, there are several tricks to overcome this problem.
It is well-known that the Pakistani government banned blogspot and so
people came up with pkblogs

Hopefully, there will be some updates very soon. In the meanwhile, we can follow developments through the googlegroup, BloggersCollective

Interesting, google owns blogspot… but, we don’t seem to have any news from them — yet!

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