MAC and Viruses

The common perception is that MACs are “immune” to computer viruses. Apple even has an ad that hints towards this view

I wonder why companies such as Symantec, McAfee sell anti-virus software for Macintoshes, and why people buy and update them very regularly! And then there is a website called that provides “Macintosh Virus and AntiVirus Worms and Trojan Information!”

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4 thoughts on “MAC and Viruses

  1. for the most part anti-virus products for platforms like mac osx are offered so that one can identify viruses (for any platform) that happen to be on the computer, not necessarily viruses that could affect the computer… an osx box might be used to host files for others (who may be using windows) to download, for example…

    that said, no computer is immune to viruses – the best one can acheive is to simply not have any viruses for a particular platform YET… once upon a time that’s where osx was, but there is now one virus and a couple of worms for osx so…

  2. They are just misleading the general public. There is no OS which is immune to viruses. It’s just that some of them have active faithful developers who take the pains to make viruses, while the Mac OS so far hasn’t been that popular with virus writers. Expect this to change as the Mac gets more popular.

    Having said that, I will agree that the Mac is inherently less susceptible to viruses. It’s built on Unix, and therefore does not have glaring security defeciencies like the old windows OSes. Microsoft is getting there on the security front, and hopefully the next OS won’t be that bad.

  3. I liked the statement, “the best one can achieve is to simply not have any viruses for a particular platform YET.”

    The first computer virus indeed was for DOS on Apple machines!

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