Mumbai Blasts – To call, or to not :(

First, I got an email from my brother: a one-liner saying “I am fine.” I wondered what was wrong with him in the first place (since I interact with him more than once in a day!) and just neglected the email.

Then, I just switched on CNN and realized what he meant. He was referring to the serial Mumbai train blasts.

My maternal uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents live in Mumbai. My uncles work at Mahim. Even though I know that they do not commute by train, I was scared.
I picked up the phone to call them up, but I could not dial the number. The fear of losing someone close forever is really very strong. I spent quite some time contemplating and finally called up. As soon as my cousin heard my voice, the first thing he said was “Aamhi sagle theek aahot.” (All of us are OK out here).

I wish such things never happen to anyone ever. I sympathize with those who have lost their dear ones, not just in these blasts but anytime in their lives.

Now, I really understood how awful it can be. The fear of having to face unwanted news literally forced me into not making the call!

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