More Marathi last names!

Continuining on my previous post, here are some more interesting Marathi last names:

  1. Godbole (Sweet talker)
  2. Kadu (Bitter)
  3. Khatmode (Bed breaker?)
  4. Kharche (money spender?)
  5. Zope (sleeper?)
  6. Potphode (stomach breaker?)
  7. Gabale (untidy?)


26 thoughts on “More Marathi last names!

  1. parkarvarkar: lift your skirt
    sakharkar: one who makes sugar
    dagade: stones
    dande: sticks?
    kadu: bitter
    godbole: one who speaks sweetly
    taksande: one who spills buttermilk! 🙂
    borkar: one who makes/grows berries? one who bores!!
    ambekar: one who makes/grows mangoes!
    bhongale: naked
    shambharkar: who makes hundreds?
    lakhe: who makes lakhs? made of lac?
    athawale: remembered
    chitre: pictures?
    sonarkar: one who makes goldsmith?
    gadkari: one who builds forts
    pujari: priest
    deoghar: temple
    gaitonde: one who has a face like a cow

  2. Hi,

    I want ask you about a surname “TORGALLI”… Is it a Marathi surname? yes or no…..please let me know if you know this as soon as possible.

    Thanking you

  3. My late father-in-law was the son of a Marathi in the Kings African Rifles, Zomba, Malawi in the 1900-1914 period. We know nothing of him and would appreciate whether anyone knows a Marathi family name Lulker or anything that sounds like that. We are trying to research family roots.

  4. I want ask you about a surname “Manney”… I have never heard of this name…Is it a Marathi surname? And also please let me know the meaning of the surname..please let me know if you know this as soon as possible.

  5. hey hi people.. especially kanak….its a really gud thing u have a gud collection of names…but the meanings are hardly of any relevance…like the names are marathi and some meanings are hindi..for instance my surname is GADHE and it is pronounced as GAA..DEY in marathi…no resemblence to pronunciation of donkey in hindi….we belong to one of the 96 clans of shivaji maharaj who fought with them in foundation of swarajya……GADHE in marathi mean “deep thinkers and learned people” the phrase “gadhe abyasak “ i want you to respect our names and history . As ur mockery cant change our history nor our existence…but remember that each person values his name and knows his own meaning of name …kindly respect your names!

  6. I want ask you about a surname “Bhojgade” have you heard this name before…..please let me know if you know this as soon as possible.My grand parents migrated to Karnataka long back, but I couldn’t find out from which part of Maharashtra! Please give me the details if know about it……….!Let me tell you I am 38 years old now, I have come across only one person with the similar sir name long back, That’s the reason why I am curious……………….

    Thanking you,
    Surendra Bhojgade

    • Bhoj is a name of a king, and Gad is fort in marathi…………..and there is a village near Karnataka border………”Bhoj” Village. So far I could this much I could find out. Is there anyone who could help me more about this

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