Some interesting Marathi names

Marathi surnames are very interesting. One of the most fascinating surnames is Pai. In Marathi language, it is just one letter.

I have tried to group some Marathi surnames into some interesting combinations (rough meanings in parenthesis).

  1. Wagh (Tiger)
  2. Waghdhare (Tiger catcher)
  3. Waghmare (Tiger killer)
  1. Khare (True)
  2. Khote (False)
  1. Landge (Wolf)
  2. Kolhe (Fox)
  1. Bhoot (Ghost)
  2. Deo/Dev (God)
  3. Bhute (Ghosts?)
  1. Muley (Root)
  2. Zhade (Tree/Plant)
  3. Phule (Flower)

The list continues… is very long!


28 thoughts on “Some interesting Marathi names

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  2. hi,
    i just wanted to ask you two things:
    1. what caste does the marathi surname Mullay/Muley designate?
    2. the picture on your banner is exquisite. can i ask where it is of?

  3. 1. I do not know the castes. Muley could mean “roots.” Also, radish is known as “Mulaa”

    2. The picture is the default that I got with this template from wordpress. I do not know what/where it is of 🙂

  4. lalithji,

    i’m madanbabu from madurai,tamilnadu. my surname is lokhanda .we migrated from north india way back some 600 years ago . most of our people were hindus and weavers .we speak sowrashtra language at resembles almost marathi.and some of our sur names are mulaa,anna,kutte,lokhanda,wagh,kohle,bhoot,konda,and so many.our people live in some parts of tamilnadu .
    i found a place called lokhanda, near khamgaon,buldhana dist.,
    if you or anybody having knowledge about the town lokhanda please post a reply

  5. Hey Lapa…

    Interesting topic. I had some friends in Nagpur with some fascinating marathi lastnames.

    — Manusmare (He had a Hero Puch with “Man Killer” sticker on the exhaust pipe, which I always found funny)

    –Undirmare (Mice killer)

    — Chorghade

    — Pashine



  6. there are two types of chorghade surname community found in maharastra one is well known from naghpur who are deshasth brahmin other from pune villiage Phursungi ,(near hadpsar ) are marathas.
    no body knows how this surname came.old people from the fursungi says that their orignal surname was Shelar but after getting honour of ” chavri” their name changed to “chveridhale” chordhonde and finaly chorghade

      • phalke saheb, Devajipant Chorghade was a very famous person counted as one of sade teen shahane in Peshwa period. Reference : ‘Swami’ by Ranjit Desai as well as government gazette documents of maharashtra.

        i cant waste more time on people like Phalke.

      • ref. “ganagjali” by na chi dhere.

        chouvri+ ghoda = chourghoda= chorghade both shelar and chorghade has same devaka that is Sheli.

        दुनियामे बेवकुब कम नाही “गालिब”
        एक पुकारो सौ आते है. हे नाना फडके त्यातलेच दिसतायत

      • amit pls let me knw how did surname KADAM came into existance? people make fun of mee by sayin Kadam Kadam Badhayee jaa …….. i wan to answer them back ……..

  7. hi everyone

    i want to know which caste thes three marathi surnames belong to..
    – ohal or ohol
    – vanne

    thank you

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