Windows vs Linux

My wife, Neelam, has successfully installed Windows XP Professional and several pieces of hardware on our home computer.

She tried to install Ubuntu Linux but ended up with, "now I know why people don't use Linux." After initial installation, I had to boot up a separate notebook (of course running Windows) and run several commands in a command prompt, before she could do anything.

When will a common man move from Windows to Linux?

  1. when Linux has good support for different hardware – my wife does not know what compiling and linking is supposed to do.
  2. when Linux has a very simple and reliable installation procedure .
  3. when Linux has good pdf support! Can I use Linux in a completely paperless environment. I cannot do any pdf editing or annotation as I can do in Acrobat. Acrobat does not support Linux anymore!
  4. when regular Linux users stop being geeky and showing off that using Linux is for geeks.
  5. when sites are not being designed for Internet Explorer… using wine is not a good enough alternative at all!

But, there is one promising solution – Ubuntu, which is really linux for Human beings. In my 9 years of using, installing and adminstration of a few flavors of Linux for the home and general office use, I have never seen anything as simple as Ubuntu.

  1. I did finally get around to run Ubuntu without having to use the command prompt at all.
  2. Every morning, I wake up with updates that come from the Ubuntu repository!
  3. It also has excellent support for WPA security. I don't understand how KNetworkmanager on KDE works on Ubuntu, but does not on Fedora.
  4. My friend's kids (aged 5 and 8) love Edubuntu. When they come to my home, they rush to use it! They have used it for several hours and several times and absolutely no problems. I don't have to monitor them at all!

Yet, Windows is difficult to go away with. Linux is playing catching up with Windows. Openoffice is doing the same with Microsoft Office, just as Internet Explorer is doing with Mozilla Firefox.


One thought on “Windows vs Linux

  1. Me feels – linux will not catch up with windows till it is forcefully packaged on a machine and sold to the common man. As good as ubuntu may be, as long as a machine comes with windows, people will use it. Path of least resistance :-).

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