Spy Game

I saw "Spy game" with Manoj, Meenakshi Iyer and Vijay Srivatsan last Sunday. I still don't understand why some of my friends like this movie so much. I guess I need to see it again to understand the plot and some of the problems that I have:

  1. Why do the Chinese need, Brad Pitt, an American, to help treat cholera?
  2. When did Hongkong have a US Embassy? I don't see any listed at the US Embassy website
  3. Why does the movie end at dawn (early morning)? The operation "dinner out" (great name, BTW) took place close to 8:00 am Eastern time. Was the prison somewhere on the west coast of the United States?

I have to meet Manoj and discuss this movie again!

2 thoughts on “Spy Game

  1. I think you’re missing the bigger picture. You can find dozens of mistakes in any great movie.

    This movie had
    1. a great plot
    2. scripts coupled with good acting(notice how Redford does’nt need to say much and yet bring out the intensity)
    3. Muir and Bishop’s character development
    4. great soundtracks
    5. good picturization

    and all the neat ironies, great one liners and the suspense ofcourse..

    Its not the fact that you did’nt enjoy it much thats puzzling me(that I think is each ones personal opinion in terms of what you are expecting) but for god’s sake have you been to moviemistakes.com ?

  2. I agree that there are indeed several mistakes in any movie (even the greatest of them all!). I also agree about Redford’s acting (not just in this movie but everywhere else!). This movie also has a great script, etc.

    I don’t agree that it has a great plot, nor that the suspense is good – again individual opinion, and is mainly a result of my great expectations from this movie. However, I agree that the essense is not in the plot nor in the issues that I mentioned.

    Very honestly, I did not know about moviemistakes.com. However, I found out (only later) that even IMDB has noted these errors; it was one of the sites that I visited very regularly! In the excitement of writing the blog, I did not check out other sites!!!

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