Why I moved to Microsoft Windows from Linux

Inspite of all the opposition, Microsoft Windows XP has been a good OS to me. On Linux, I faced several problems that I overcame one after the other (because I could use information about how others overcame it!). One example is the use of WPA technology for wireless cards. And I still liked Linux quite a lot!

Recently though, I moved to Microsoft Windows completely for three reasons:
1. Linux does not have any software that provides editing facilities anywhere close to Adobe Acrobat. I have moved to paperless writing and reading, and this facility is a MUST!
2. Development of a native port of KDE for windows has started. So, why should I not have Microsoft Windows and its advantages, along with all the advantages that KDE provides?
3. University of Michigan will recognize only RedHat Linux Enterprise 4, or Fedora Core 4 (and above) as "safe" operating systems (of course Windows XP professional SP2 is also accepted). If I use anything else, I would need a department approved hardware router. I don't like RHEL4 and FC5. I like Ubuntu Linux. But, I cannot use it. So, I don't want to use anything else.


3 thoughts on “Why I moved to Microsoft Windows from Linux

  1. hehehe, I moved back long time ago. Although I still use linux for running simulations. Nothing beats a good old -O4 for optimization of prehistoric fortran programs. BTW I haven’t yet shifted to RHEL4. Hopefully Steve won’t see it before I graduate. I keep all the ports closed (except ssh), so he probably can’t sniff at it. Having said that, posting it here might be a stupid idea. Don’t invite Steve to read your blog!

  2. I have used Macs only for the last five years now. I love the fact that I have virtually no management to do and the stability of a unix based OS.

    The only problem is that if you require a lot of expensive software (like Matlab or other custom software), then it increases your expenditure. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with it.

    Linux does require a lot of management – I’m glad that I’m no longer having to touch a linux based machine. I like windows interface but its too problematic (I’m always scared of downloading and installing things on a windows machine – don’t really know what can go wrong and how to recover from it).

  3. Vikram,

    You should try Ubuntu. It is very low maintenance, almost a windows feel to Linux! Automated updates/upgrades, and all!

    I found it to be very very good. I just had to uninstall, because UM requires Enterprise version of Redhat Linux. If not, I am supposed to carry my own router!

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