Cricket: International or Indian?

What's with cricket, International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?

The ICC recently announced the Future Tours Program (FTP) for the next six years.

The story says:

The FTP, which was unanimously approved by the ICC's Executive Board at its March meeting in Dubai, provides the foundation for a balanced schedule of international cricket for ICC Full Members.

The site goes on to say:

The new FTP retains the core commitment to reciprocal tours for Full Members but expands the touring cycle from five years, under the previous FTP, to six years.

Spreading the calendar over six years means each side can fulfill its mandatory minimum requirements of two Tests and three ODIs, home and away, against every other Full Member over that period while still scheduling rest periods for their players.

A look at the actual programme shows:

India is the only country that does not host Bangladesh or Zimbabwe ever in six years.

Obviously (and I wish I am wrong), Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) does not want to host Bangladesh or Zimbabwe because it is not economically beneficial for them.

I guess, cricket has become Indian and is not really International anymore!!!

An edit:

Just noticed a similar comment at Prem Panicker's SightScreen.

Should have read it earlier, would have saved myself quite some time 😦

One thought on “Cricket: International or Indian?

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